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Is Lil Wayne just a “Lil Broke”?!?!?! Owes $22,000,000 in TAXES!!!

Every now and then I catch these losers slipping. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Dwayne Michael Carter Jr is Broke! Well, as far as Uncle Sam knows. Lil Wayne should NOT ONLY be embarrassed about his criminal wrap sheet, but his financial wrap sheet is a little depressing as well. The Alien vs. Predator […]


#EXCLUSIVE Newest #RHOA Claudia A. Jordan is BROKE and Penniless!!!

  Well, well well… In more #RHOA news, the newest peach holder, and co-host of The Rickey Smiley morning show is not on the morning show and #RHOA for no reason. It’s because she had no choice but to work one full time and a part time job. UrbanNewsMedia has obtained EXCLUSIVE documents that she […]

O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 1

O.J Simpson HIV Positive?

While I rarely report rumors, let’s just say today is a slow news day. However you should probably take this as a grain of salt considering the source is The National Enquirer.They are reporting that OJ contracted AIDS after sleeping with his cell mate Jazmena Jameson, the confusing part is the fact that N.E states that Jazmena is […]


How unlimited Talk & Text is misleading on an #iPhone…

Verizon users and AT&T users are the two big dogs that still have limited data usage vs. unlimited data with carriers like Sprint, T-mobile and Metro PCS.  We’ve have all heard the commercials or witnessed the advertisements that claim “unlimited TALK & TEXT” with capped data tiers. But the last time I checked, this doesn’t […]


Why You Should Be Excited About The iPhone 6!! (Images) #iphone6 #iphone6Air #ios8

With less than a month away, Apple lovers are beginning their countdowns and making sure they can get the highest dollar amount for their current iPhones. Many don’t understand the love we have for our devices, and some of you simply purchased the older versions just because it was simply an iPhone. I am sure […]