August, 2013

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#Exclusive Peter Thomas in BANKRUPTCY with Bar ONE and owes over $90,000 in STATE TAXES!!!

So, yesterday I had a chance to swing by one of my favorite sites, and I saw that Peter Thomas wanted to set the record straight about Bar One being in foreclosure. I decided to do some digging. What I found out was shocking. Peter Thomas doesn’t even appear toRead More

Who is Alexis Murphy? And Why is she still missing???

I have so many theories when it comes to this case, but I will just keep those to myself. However, Alexis Murphy went missing on August 3rd 2013. She seemed to be angry with her parents according to Twitter over them “not keeping their word”. She seemed to be aRead More

Peter Thomas & Cynthia Bailey in FORECLOSURE!!!!

Well damn. Once again, struggling business owner Peter Thomas and his investing wife, Cynthia Thomas are showing exactly what it means to be visually PAID, but BROKE! The owner of BarONE has recently entered foreclosure status on the restaurant. Located at, 687 Memorial Dr SE  Grant Park, GA 30316, this beautifully designedRead More

Is Susie of Basketball Wives having a BASH in Miami?!?! #BBW5 #VH1

  Source: @ShugAveryPee

The Kelly Price you see on R&B Diva’s L.A, Is actually the watered down, NICER version!!!

According to ‘s Nicholas Robinson, (Follow him on Twitter @Nicholas_Harbor ) Lil’ Mo, has a lot to say about the Kelly Price that we’ve been watching on TV One’s R&B Diva’s: L.A… Check out the whole story!!!! Kelly Price’s career and reputation have been on a downward spiral ever since “R&B Divas: LA” firstRead More

Trina pays homage to Nicki Minaj on stage at the BMI Awards!!!!

What are your opinions? Was this complete fukery? Or did she KILL it????

Porn star, Cameron Bay tests positive for HIV!!!!

Wow, the porn industry came to a complete stop on Friday! Cameron Bay, whose known for her roles in porn films as Ashton and Ryder. In 2009 she starred on VH1’s Tool Academy. According to Cameron, she had to have been infected in her last role, because she claims to have hadRead More

Chris Brown tells us how he REALLY FEELS!!!!

Chris Brown took to twitter just a few minutes ago and didn’t hold back at all!! He tells us how pissed he is with the system and fake gangster ass rappers!!

Tribute to THE ONE & ONLY Lil’ Mo!! @TheLilMoShow now dubbed “Today’s VOICE”!!

HipHopDailyPress has now officially dubbed Lil’ Mo, “Today’s Voice”!!! With a voice like hers, we simply had no choice but to call it exactly what it is!!!

Porsha Stewart has NEW TRACKS!!! Naked Hair! for ordering info!!!