September, 2013

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Is this the NEXT iPhone??? iPhone 6???

Now that we have been given the green light on purchasing the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, images are surfacing online on iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6C…Here are a few of the iPhone 6 and 6C prototypes.

#THERVAlienTech OS X Mavericks gets an iOS 7 themed concept for Mac’s upcoming OS!!

I have been using OS X Mavericks for about 2 months now, Although you all won’t see it for a few more weeks, I must admit, it’s awesome!! However a new designer has come up with a new concept that uses a lot of visuals from Apple’s new flagship OSRead More

Having issues with iMessage and iOS 7?? Here is a fix!!!!

iMessage has been, on the whole, a great implementation to the iOS fold, but it hasn’t been without its issues. We’ve seen numerous cases of spam attacks as well as the all-too frequent downtime periods, and since the release of iOS 7, some users have been noticing that messages are not sendingRead More

#Video Depressing facts about #HipHop

#Video Mike Epps GOES IN on Gucci Mane!!!!

Mimi Faust’s BOYFRIEND Nikko is 43 years old…And you won’t believe how much he owes NY TAX Department!!!!

“I have no idea why Nikko, of Love & HipHop fame is telling all of Atlanta that he is only 37 years old, but he is actually 43″ says a close source of  Nikko who was put to shame when Stevie J made it rain on him on theRead More

Missy Elliott’s “WIFE” is from Georgia!!!!

Recently MediaTakeOut posted pictures of Missy Elliott and her alleged new wife “Sharaya” barely giving us any information as to who she was…well I reached out to a few trusted sources and was able to get you all some more information. She is actually from Kennesaw, GA and she isRead More

Tina Knowles FIRST BIG movie role????

I just had a comical moment… Tina Knowles to play “The Joker” in the next Batman flick alongside Ben Affleck??? That would be perfect!!! Thanks to her recent choices in plastic surgeries…no one could do it better… and the make-up budget wouldn’t even be needed!!!

The Night of The BET Hip Hop Awards!!!! (Red Carpet Pictures)

@SheenMagazine headed to NYC!!! Come network!! #Tweet&Greet #SheenMagazine