Jay-Z and Beyonce’ said to be living separately!!!

Let me go on record to say that personally, I believe that Jay-Z and Beyonce are going through something BIG. Does that mean that they don’t love one another? No. Could it be to boost ticket sales? Possibly. However, a few days ago, concert goers were given something to supposedly put to rest the rumors […]


UrbanNewsMedia & HipHopDailyPress Seeking Interns!!!!

Do you have a desire to be a journalist / blogger? We are seeking 3 motivated and qualified interns to join our editorial & media teams. Editorial interns will work closely with the editor-in-chief and editorial assistant. Editorial interns will gain hands-on experience in most aspects of online journalism/blogging and the music industry. This internship […]


Chris Brown catches MAJOR HEAT on Season Premiere of #TheBoondocks!!!

Just when you thought life was over after the last season of The Boondocks, all hell broke through last night. The internet was in an uproar, Twitter went H1N1 (Ham), it seems that Virginia native Chris Brown was the subject of all jokes. The writers and producers of the show opened it’s fourth season with […]


Sheen covergirl Antonia “Toya” Wright (@ToyaWright) celebrates her cover for @SheenMagazine!!!

Sheen Magazine COO, Sammi Hayes hosted alongside Sheen Magazine and their official “Love and Relationship Issue”, which features Mrs.Toya Wright.  Along with her husband Memphitz at Aurum Lounge in Atlanta.  According to attendees, the event attracted some of Atlanta’s hottest biggest names in the entertainment industry! Sheen Magazine, a national and international distributed publication, had Aurum Lounge […]

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My Secret To Losing 40 Pounds In Nearly Three Months!! #DaitronsNewLook

  To know what it’s like to struggle with weight is something that most Americans have become almost too familiar with. Most of us don’t know how serious obesity is until we are delivered news that is potentially life altering. I personally come from a family that struggles with weight related health issues on both […]


The TRUTH about domestic violence… (Interview with victim of domestic abuse!)

It’s 2014. More than ever before, one issue remains almost un-noticed. Abuse in the household. Wether it’s physical, emotional or verbal, it’s still here. Before going into my rant, (and the reason I call it a rant, is because most people simply do not agree with anything I have to say, and honestly I don’t […]