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WTF!! Did Mariah Carey squeeze her voice out with #DemBabies during childbirth??

Unfortunately, Whitney Houston isn’t the only pop star who’s voice went to pure shit before she passed. Mariah Carey sounds as if she has one of Nick Cannon’s kidneys stuck in her throat. Don’t believe me? LISTEN! The background vocals and music have been turned almost completely down, so youRead More


Does Baby of #CashMoney have Lil Wayne feeling like Effie White of Dreamgirls?

Welp, Lil Wayne has allegedly had enough of Baby smashing Young Thug. It seems that while Young Thug was laying out Baby’s outfits for him, and referring to him as hubby, Lil Wayne took to Twitter to rant. He is tired of watching Baby lip lock with Young Thug. WayneRead More

O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 1

O.J Simpson HIV Positive?

While I rarely report rumors, let’s just say today is a slow news day. However you should probably take this as a grain of salt considering the source is The National Enquirer.They are reporting that OJ contracted AIDS after sleeping with his cell mate Jazmena Jameson, the confusing part is the factRead More

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Kelly Price’s Stunt Double, EJ Johnson is TAKEN!!

Welp, in what could have been R&B Divas: L.A news, Magic Johnson’s son, E.J is officially dating someone. This, according to SandraRose.com, E.J took his new “boyfriend” out for an evening of  ball tossing at an L.A Dodgers baseball game. No word on the identity of his new “boyfriend”, butRead More


(Video) #OhSnap Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Releases A Song “Sorry Mrs. Carter”!!!!

While I’m sure Jay-Z is busy putting in calls to a few hit men to handle his dirty work, and Beyonce is somewhere drinking to “Drunk In Love”, BallerAlert has just gave the scoop on his mistress, liv and her new single “Sorry Mrs. Carter”… All I can say isRead More


Beyonce’ Breaks Down On Stage!! Marital Problems To Blame??

Well, well, well… More news from the BeyJay camp. Last night while performing in L.A, she did a rendition of “Resentment” that will forever be remembered as her breaking point. The song, also sang by Jasmine Sullivan, is about a cheating husband. She sat on stage wearing a bridal gownRead More


“Surviving the worst date ever”…

“Surviving the worst date ever”… Daitron Winston @DaitronWinston on Twitter Casual courting has always come with its fair share of turmoil. A tragic first date is almost always expected in this day and age. However, if you are going to engage in the casual dating world, there are guidelines to ensureRead More


Is Lifetime trying to take VH1! and Bravo TV’s Spot? New Show! #Baps #Lifetime

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the only time we see sitcoms now are when watching our favorite throwback episodes of NBC’s The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, Family Matters, Martin and Living Single. Reality TC , regardless of how REAL it actually is, has become a major cash cowRead More

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AUGUST ALSINA Tells Why He Ruined The Cervix Of A Groupie & Why It Won’t Happen Again!!

So. If you haven’t been in the blogosphere as of late. AUGUST ALSINA was facing a lawsuit for ruining the insides of a female groupie. After repeatedly having her kidneys and stomach lining pushed in her tonsils, she has admitted that they have since reached a settlement out of court. ButRead More


The Legendary Ruby Dee… Dead at 91.

Ruby Dee, an Oscar-nominated actress whose historic career indelibly intersected with the civil rights movement, died on Wednesday at 91, after more than 60 years in movies that included iconic roles in A Raisin in the Sun, Do the Right Thing and American Gangster. Dee was also an accomplished stage and television actress with an Emmy,Read More