Frank Ocean throws SERIOUS SHADE at Chris Brown…AGAIN!!!!

According to The Urban Daily, sh*t just got real with the two R&B singers again…this time there was no fight, and in all actuality, they didn’t need to, because Frank Ocean just completely murdered Chris Brown‘s ego…with a simple image. Here is what The Urban Daily is reporting:

Sometimes the drama behind the entertainment scenes is more interesting than the stuff artists allow us to see. For example, the beef between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown started over a parking space and a handshake. just when you thought the shade being passed between the two was over, Frank Ocean dons a t-shirt bringing up Breezy’s embarrassing domestic violence case.

A photo of Ocean wearing a shirt with Brown’s face with the words “Wanted” and “Stop Domestic Violence” on it. While Ocean does have his face turned away from the camera, we think it’s his passive aggressive way to say that the beef is still on and popping. But this might a little extreme if this is in retaliation of Breezy refusing to stand when Ocean won a Grammy at this year’s ceremony.

What do you think about the shirt? Would you wear it? How do you think Chris Brown will respond? Sound off in the comments.


Source: The Urban Daily