Rumors have been swirling for years that both of this actress is quite known in the entertainment industry, in fact…Meagan Good has been said to have slept with incarcerated drug kingpin, Big Meech and stripper Chyna, I will have to check with a source on this matter because I need clarification. But one person even went as far as to say,

“Meagan had a sex tape with B!g Meech & Chyna (ATL stripper) where Meagan poured Champagne into her vagina and Chyna lapped it up. She is a known industry freak. Gabby catches hell on here for her escapades but Meagan has done just as much and seems to get more slack for some reason.”

Now again, I don’t know how true this is, it’s all alleged, so at the moment it’s a rumor and we will be checking to see what else surfaces…