A few days ago, I was granted an exclusive interview with the wedding planner (supposedly) suing Nene Leakes, Tiffany Cook. I had already prepared my questions and everything was a go, I had even spoken with her lawyers on a few occasions. Many phone calls and emails were exchanged. I was even told that “their client was excited to speak with me”. The first interview was postponed due to “scheduling conflict”, go figure… The second interview was good right?? Nooooooo. I was told that Mr. Reginald Greene would be contacting me to confirm the time, but when Mr. Greene finally contacted me, it was to say “Something big is happening with the case as we speak and that (it) would be coming out next week so we have to decline right now.” What type of craziness could be cooking up? It seems that at the time they were battling about what blog could get the exclusive, HipHopDailyPress.com or RollingOut.com

I realized that Mr. Greene wanted to participate in ALL interviews… Ummmm WHY? She has nothing to hide, right? Well, I will be following this closely, hopefully in a few days…we will either have some more information, or we will just move forward.


Image Source: Starcasm.net